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Gutters help direct water away from the home, but they are also very important in directing it away from areas where ice can build up and cause injuries. Most gutters are made of metal and can be easily dented by hail. Damaged gutters can cause leaks that can seriously damage siding and the plywood underneath. This can also cause mold which is a serious problem. During your FREE DAMAGE ASSESSMENT we will check your gutters for damages too.


Aluminum is the most popular and most common, is lightweight and easy to install as a home project, and won't rust, and comes in a variety of colors or can be painted.  If there's a negative, flying debris and high winds can damage or bend aluminum gutters, and leaks can come about over time, and require a bit more maintenance.


Copper gutters are certainly the most aesthetically, never rust, and can be sealed to ward off the natural patina, or left unsealed to let the patina provide that historic look.  Because of the high cost of the material, Copper gutters are the most expensive to have installed, and must be done by a contractor.

Seamless aluminum

Seamless Aluminum gutters are fabricated onsite using a roll die and continuous roll material to create the length of gutter needed for each run, and makes up around 70% of all gutter installations.  It has the same benefits of Aluminum gutters since it is the same material, but the forming process prohibits DIY installation.  The biggest benefit is eliminating seems where the gutters can leak over time, with an added drawback being a slightly higher cost than preformed lengths purchased for installation.


Steel gutters are made from galvanized material, so they resist rust, but are not impervious to rotting.  They are very strong and can be painted the color of your desire.  It is simple enough that a homeowner can install, but is pretty heavy material and most likely left for the pros.  A little more cost than aluminum gutters.


Vinyl material used to make gutters is lightweight and inexpensive, so it's good for the home project.  However, they are limited in color choice, can fade from UV light, and can't support ladders to well for roof maintenance.

Zinc Gutters

Zinc gutters are very durable and long lasting and do not require paint.  They will develop patina over time.  Leaks are controlled by welding during installation at seems and joints, but of course this involves professional installation which drives the price up.  The labor drives Zinc gutters into the range of copper, and is typically used in historic renovations.



Downspouts come as either round or square, in widths from 3 to 6 inches. The most common sizes are rectangular:
    • 2 inches by 3 inches
    • 3 inches by 4 inches
Decorative varieties, such as spiral shapes, are available.

The size and number of downspouts you’ll need depends on the capacity of your system.

CDR Construction: insurance companies we work with

We work with all kinds of insurance companies!

The most common ones are State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Assurant, Badger Mutual, and many more!

Claim Process:

  1. File the claim
  2. Set up an inspection date
  3. Insurance & CDR inspect property
  4. Estimate and first payment is issued
  5. Work is completed on the property and insurance is notified
  6. Final payment is released

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