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About Us

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Who Are We?

For nearly two decades, Community Disaster Restoration has been a leading force fighting for the property owners in the Chicago area, protecting home and business owners alike when violent storms cause damage to properties.  The CDR Team is a comprehensive staff of skilled specialist, trained to guide you through the process of repairing and restoring your property, utilizing funds provided by the insurance policy you have been paying the premiums on for years, and sometimes decades.
Our trained Inspectors, Damage Consultants, Skilled Tradesman, Project Managers, Account Reps and more come together as one cohesive unit to expedite the process of returning your home or business to a safe and healthy pre-storm condition for you and the people important to you.  Of course, the key element to this process is negotiating with the insurance company. We represent the homeowner, ensuring that nothing is passed over or dismissed during the damage assessment process. This allows for a complete and proper budget to return your property to its appropriate state, and relieves the owner of any responsibility for materials or labor cost, therefore the owner pays nothing out of pocket.
Our long standing reputation of quality workmanship, timely project completion, and identification of hidden damages is only a small part of why Community Disaster Restoration has grown, and continues to grow.  Our commitment to fighting for our clients, maximizing their insurance settlement, and protecting them as much as possible against further damage defines who we are as a business.
Our client base, our reputation, and our commitment to outstanding quality in home restoration can only be sustained by a strong foundation in our business, and that foundation is our team.

Why Choose Us?

Community Disaster Restoration is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to our clients.  When nature lashes out and takes its toll, no one is prepared.  This is not a planned remodel, an addition, or other renovation.  This is an unplanned event that causes stress and worry.  CDR takes as much of that burden as possible from the owner. Assisting you from the start at initial inspection and damage assessment, all the way through the process to finally closing the file with the insurance provider, CDR creates as much of a stress-free process as possible.  We strive to create a mechanism through which our client easily can move through the process while returning their property to pre-storm condition.  Community Disaster Restoration focuses on professionalism, excellent customer service, and timely execution of first rate workmanship.

We offer a complete no obligation

CDR Construction: insurance companies we work with

We work with all kinds of insurance companies!

The most common ones are State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Assurant, Badger Mutual, and many more!

Claim Process:

  1. File the claim
  2. Set up an inspection date
  3. Insurance & CDR inspect property
  4. Estimate and first payment is issued
  5. Work is completed on the property and insurance is notified
  6. Final payment is released

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