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Your Home have recent storm? 

In the recent hail and wind storms, your home could have received damage,
even without your knowledge.

Community Disaster Restorations

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We offer free inspection to the entire exterior of your home, often finding damage overlooked by the homeowner, and the insurance inspector.  Contact CDR if you suspect you have damage to your property.  Even if you can see some damage, the could be much more that you are not aware of.

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CDR Construction: insurance companies we work with

We work with all kinds of insurance companies!

The most common ones are State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Farmers, Assurant, Badger Mutual, and many more!

Claim Process:

  1. File the claim
  2. Set up an inspection date
  3. Insurance & CDR inspect property
  4. Estimate and first payment is issued
  5. Work is completed on the property and insurance is notified
  6. Final payment is released

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Free Inspections!

Our trained inspectors will check your home for hail or wind damages. There is no charge if your insurance does not approve your claim. cdr construction icon free inspection

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